Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sentinels Watching - 1-2

The tavern is filling up with travellers and merchants from out of town who are making their way into the city for trade, while others have been at their drink for awhile. You decide to talk to a few of the friendlier looking tavern patrons.

It's time to make a Social test, to see just how well you've managed to make friends and gain information. Take one dice for every point you have in social and set it aside. You might also decided that you want to have specific skills in dealing with others. You can take the "Tact" skill, and add up to 3 points into the skill from your pool of 14 skill points. Add the same number of dice to your dice pool as you have points in Tact. Now, roll all the dice. Remove any dice with a result of 1, 2 or 3. The remaining dice are all successes. Now count the number of successes and consult the table below, reading only the entries with the number of successes you made or less.

1 Success: Regulars of the bar know Rotham but have no idea where he is. They seem reluctant to talk about his profession as a Blue Cape.
2 Successes: It seems Rotham has been missing for several days.
3 Successes: There are rumours, and this is mentioned in hushed tones, that he was on an important case, and it had led him to the sewers.
4 Successes: You manage to convince the regulars that you’re a friend of Rotham's, and a friend of Rotham is a friend of the Tankard. You get a free beer and a +1 success on one test of your choice while you're in the Tankard.

If there's something else you wish to do still? You can choose from the following options:

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