Friday, March 9, 2012

Sentinels Watching - 1-1

Rotham is an old friend and a member of the Blue Capes, the city watch of South Fort. He isn’t around at the moment, so you have a few options while you wait for him to arrive.

Character Generation - The Basics:
Let's start building your character. You'll need a sheet of scrap paper, a pencil and an eraser now, and a handful of regular six sided dice (referred to as D6's) for later on.
First, write down a name for your character, something heroic will be best.
Next, write down Body, Intellect and Social on your sheet. These are the main attributes in the game, and describe how skilled or talented you are in each of the three spheres of life.
Now we'll give each attribute a rating, from 1 to 5. You start with a pool of 7 points, which you can split between the three main attributes as long as each attribute has one point in it.

Example: My Sample Character is Boden Grey:
Boden Grey
Body [1]
Intellect [3]
Social [3]
Boden isn't very strong, but he's clever and good with people. He'll be talking his way out of trouble rather than using force.

What next? Once you've got the basics of your character down you can choose any of the following actions:

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