Thursday, March 8, 2012

It Begins

"Hello friend," the man steps into the tavern and removes his hood. In the glow of the firelight you see the haggard face of an older man with shoulder length grey hair.
"My name is Mortimer, and I am an oath prophet, an oracle."
As he mentions the words "oath prophet" and "oracle" your unease grows. Many see the few oath prophets of Avernos as doom bringers.
"Before you say anything, " he holds up a hand as he sits down beside you, "you are here because you're inquisitive. You want to know what adventures and fortunes South Fort holds for you. Well, these are the paths open to you at this time..." He mentions the following quests. Click on a link to learn more:

The Sentinels Watching Quest [Tutorial][Under Construction: Scene 1 is up!]
The Brackmarsh Beast [Coming soon]

You will be given the option to return to this page once you have heard more about any of the above quests.

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