Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sentinels Watching - 1-9

You lunge forward with your fist, aiming at the drunkards jaw.

An attack is made in the same way as a skills test. Use your Body attribute score plus any ranks in Unarmed Combat. Remember, you can take the "Unarmed Combat" skill, and add up to 3 points into the skill from your pool of 14 skill points. 

The Brawlers defence is 3 dice (Body 2 and Unarmed Combat 1). If  you attacked suddenly you gain a +1 success for your first attack. Roll all your dice and roll his, then subtract his successes from your total successes. Remember, a success is a roll of 4 or more.  

If you managed to come out with some successes, drop the health level of the brawler from Healthy down as many levels as you have successes.

  • Healthy
  • Sick/Injured/Tired (-1 success)
  • Badly injured (-2 successes)
  • Unconscious
So, if you gained two successes, he is now Badly Injured. Make a note of his health and continue the battle. 

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