Rules - Combat

Starting Combat
To determine who goes first, add up your Body attribute score with your any points for the type of combat you'll be employing. So, in this case, any points in Unarmed Combat are added to your roll. Determine who scores the most successes. The winner goes first, but may choose to go last if she wishes.
Avoiding Injury
The total successes to hit a target are compared to the targets total successes to dodge an attack. Body is generally used in a dodge attempt, but there will be cases where Magic, Emotion, Intellect or even Social can be used.
Attack – Defence = Wounds
The difference is the number of wounds. There can never be more than 4 levels of damage done at a time.
Optional Rule: Damage costs double for each additional level during a round; any additional successes are then passed to the next round but can only be used on additional levels of damage. So 1 point for 1 level, 3 for 2 and 7 for 3. 

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