Rules - Characters


Attributes describe the physical, emotional, intellectual and metaphysical (magical) aspects of a character.
These attributes are:
  • Body: How strong the character is, how fast, how resistant to physical damage etc.
  • Intellect: How clever, wise or knowledgeable someone is.
  • Social: How good the person is at interacting with others, as well as their general level of popularity.
  • Emotion*: How emotionally robust someone is, as well as mentally stable. Someone with a high Emotion is less likely to run from danger or to break down under stress.
  • Magic*: The magical aptitude of the person, also manifested in metaphysical powers or super human feats.
*Emotion and Magic are considered additional attributes for advanced players.
Health is simply indicated by levels:
  • Great health: (+1 success)
  • Healthy
  • Sick/Injured/Tired (-1 success)
  • Badly injured (-2 successes)
  • Unconscious: you cannot act for D6 hours.Unless otherwise stated, this means you end up dead anyway, roll up a new character.
  • Death: it's time to start right from the beginning again with a new character.


Each character has a variety of skills of various levels of competency. A skill is either:
  • Untrained
  • Learnt (1 dice)
  • Competent (2 dice)
  • Mastered (3 dice)
Spells and special abilities, like flight, are also listed under skills.
The difficulty of any test in indicated as follows:
  • Very Easy: No test needed.
  • Easy: 1 automatic success.
  • Average: one success required.
  • Complex: two successes required
  • Hard: three successes required. (ie: it is average for a hero skilled in that sphere being tested.)
  • Very Hard
  • Nearly Impossible: six successes
Roll one dice for each point you have in the related attribute and specific skill. So if you were flying a plane you may be using your Intellect and Fly skill, while if you were flying using magic you would test the Fly skill and Magic attribute. Each roll of 4 or more is a success. Get the number of successes required or more to pass.


Unarmed Combat
Sword and Shield
Sword and Dagger
Knife Fighting


Magic Sight

Drive Cart
Ride Horse
Fly Dragon
Appropriate gear gives you more chances of success.
Gear comes in three levels:
l  Simple: +1 to a dice roll of your choice.
l  Average: +1 to two dice rolls.
l  Superior: +1 to three dice rolls.
Note that you always use only the highest level item in a test and that you can use the same +1 on the same dice. So a jet navigation system would be considered superior gear giving a bonus to a fly test, while a map may be considered simple and a personal GPS considered average.

Character Creation

Download and print out this character sheet for the game.
The character sheet lets you record everything you need to know about your character. You can download a single A4 PDF with four print quality character sheets here.

Each get an attribute pool of 7 points, which you can split between the three main attributes as long as each attribute has one point in it. If you use other attributes then add two points for each attribute to the pool.

For skills you have a pool of 14 points, which can be divided up between any skills as you wish with 3 points being the maximum.

You begin the game with 12 + 1D6 gold pieces.

Relative Coin Values:
  • 1 gold coin = 10 silver coins 
  • 1 silver coin = 10 copper coins

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